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Low Low
Low Low Streetwear
Brand Identity, Website Design & Development
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Project overview   

Low Low is an online clothing store with the best deals on all your favorite streetwear brands. Low Low was created as a haven for streetwear enthusiasts. A place where you could get authentic, brand-new streetwear at discounted prices. For this project we were tasked with developing & designing a brand identity and website that creates consumer trust and embodies the streetwear culture.

Low Low
Low Low

Project results   

This project began with the naming & overall brand strategy. When selecting the name we wanted it to encompass all aspects of the business. We wanted to create a name that is easy and recognizable but also fun and cool. We went with low low as a subtle ode to skate culture and developed a unique identity around the name. For this project we delivered:

  • Brand Naming & Strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Website Design & Development
  • UI & UX Design

By aligning the brand's identity with its offerings and enhancing the website's user experience, we believe Low Low can become known as a go-to destination for stylish, affordable, and sustainable streetwear fashion.

Low Low
Low Low